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Luxury Apartments In Tellapur


Welcome to Pranathi Constructions, the leading developer of Luxury Apartments In Tellapur where luxury and functionality are seamlessly blended to offer homes that go beyond expectations. Incorporated in 2009 by a team of young professionals, we take pride in transforming the real estate landscape and creating communities that can stand the test of time.


Tellapur, a newly developed suburb right outside the capital city of Hyderabad, offers a world of conveniences that one can only dream of. Picturesque, peaceful, and quiet; this newly developed suburb allows you to be at the heart of action and still away from the maddening rush of the city. Becoming the proud owner of a highly recommended Luxury Apartments In Tellapur seems just the right thing to do!


At Pranathi Construction, our commitment is not merely to offer high-quality Luxury Apartments In Tellapur but also to redefine the standards that define the real estate industry. Through our unfailing commitment to quality, innovation, and progressive approach, we have successfully delivered homes that have earned the trust of our residents and business partners over the years. 


There’s more to offer, all you need to do is ask our team and explore a world of bespoke living that sets the standards for others to emulate. 


We adopt cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and years of field experience at every turn to build houses that go beyond expectations. Every house we build serves as a testament to our commitment and expertise. With detailed attention to every part of the construction starting from sourcing of raw materials to the use of high-end technology, we ensure that every project we undertake fosters a sense of belonging to our residents and builds a community that thrives and grows over time. 


Your search for a Luxury Apartments In Tellapur ends with Pranathi Constructions!


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