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Finding builders that offer high rise apartments in Tellapur for its customers is easy. What’s difficult is to find companies that offer apartments to suit the needs of their customers while striking a balance between quality, aesthetics, and price. 


Here at Pranathi Constructions, we have established our brand as a reliable and trusted partner for all your construction needs. Our team of skilled and experienced personnel are dedicated to the job at hand and pay attention even to the minutest of details. We take pride in our ability to tailor our services to meet specific requirements of our customers. From designing, sourcing of materials, project management, and adherence to quality measures, we strive for excellence at every stage. high rise apartments in Tellapur 


Pranathi Constructions introduces High Rise Apartments, offering a sophisticated living experience in the heart of this thriving locality. Our meticulously designed apartments redefine urban living with contemporary aesthetics and modern amenities. Each high-rise residence is a testament to our commitment to quality, featuring spacious layouts, panoramic views, and a host of facilities. These High Rise Apartments in Tellapur provide not just a home but a lifestyle, combining comfort with convenience. As a trusted name in real estate, Pranathi Constructions ensures excellence in construction and customer satisfaction. With proximity to key amenities, educational institutions, and transportation hubs, our high-rise apartments present an ideal opportunity for those seeking a premium living space in Tellapur. Elevate your lifestyle with Pranathi Constructions’ High Rise Apartments – where luxury meets convenience, and each residence is crafted with a focus on modern urban living.


In addition to providing a well-built space for our customers to place their roots in, we also offer our residents a wide array of amenities that will make their stay comfortable and allow them to focus on what’s truly important.


As a market-leading builder of high rise apartments in Tellapur, it is upto us to showcase our innovation, versatility, and commitment to delivering construction solutions that go beyond norms

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